INCOTELOGY on JEC World, Paris 2018

Mafic Stand M95 Halle 5, Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, Paris

INCOTELOGY GmbH presented at FAKUMA 2017 on the booth of DREYPLAS GmbH new innovative high-performance basalt fiber products: chopped basalt fiber and basalt micro-fiber. This is a microfiber product designed to create a 3D-reinforced composite materials and made on the basis of mechanically crushed very thin basalt fibers this allows to create high-performance insulating materials for power engineering, microelectronics and cable-conductor industry.

We are introducing this year in JEC WORLD 2018 basalt fiber bridging glass and carbon fiber, these range of output round out our product portfolio for multiple purpose, put across Georg Kirchgessner founder & CEO at INCOTELOGY GmbH.



INCOTELOGY on JEC World 2017 in Paris

JEC World 2017

6-U42, Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, Paris, March 14-16, 2017

INCOTELOGY will present the new innovative high-performance basalt fibers, sustainable basalt fiber products as well as new developments for thermoplastic applications.INCOTELOGY’s presence at the JEC World 2017 focuses on the solutions for the automotive industry inclusive micro-basalt fibers for high-performance polymers e.g. PTFE and PEEK with high flow properties. 

“Together with the standard basalt fiber products such as basalt fabrics with functional coating and laminating, basalt yarns with RFL-dip, but also high quality non-woven without adhesive, these new development round out our product portfolio for automotive applications” explains Georg Kirchgessner, Founder & CEO at INCOTELOGY GmbH.

Good impact properties, outstanding vibration and shock absorption, electrical non-conductivity, sustainability and easy recyclability are the most important attributes of basalt fiber products, which contribute to properties enhancement by the engineering of functional materials and system in the automotive industry.

Some demonstrators made from high-performance basalt fiber will be presented exclusive on JEC Innovation Planets.

INCOTELOGY on TECHTEXTIL 2015 in Frankfurt am Main

INCOTELOGY on TECHTEXTIL 04-07.05.2015 in Frankfurt am Main

4th – 7th of Mai in Frankfurt INCOTELOGY GmbH present a new range of high-performance basalt fiber textile and non-woven for composites applications in several industry areas and much more. Visit our booth E31, hall 4.1 in Frankfurt and see our new innovative developments! We are glad to welcome you at our booth!